This female Had The Worst Walk Of Shame Ever Through The Blizzard

The Scoop

Thankfully, that did not stop one girl in West Virginia from living her truth and receiving some cold lovin’ while she could. Unfortuitously on her behalf… some one was indeed there to capture the girl on digital camera during her « walk of pity » through tundra.

The Snapshot

the worst stroll of shame the planet and Blizzard Jonas has actually ever viewed @OldRowOfficial @BarstoolBigCat

The Lesson:

If you’re moving out for a few Netflix & cool hookups in this cool winter weather, make sure you’re ready to walk-through sun and rain along the way house.

In addition, if you’re hosting, cannot kick some one from your house appearing like this. Push through the awkwardness and phone your hookup a damn Uber. But damn, girl, we trust the journey.